Technical & Web Services

  • Web Development
  • Automation
  • Social media growth and management
  • Application Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • General Graphic Design
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Q/A
  • General IT

Hotel & Property Services

  • Property Management
  • Booking Systems
  • Inventory Management solutions
  • Business process and vision
  • Alternate streams of revenue

Culinary & Event Services

  • Private Catering
  • Catering for large parties
  • Menu Design
  • Event planning
  • Restauraun/Bar Management
  • Retauraunt/Bar Event Planning
  • Restauraunt/Bar Brand, flier, and general graphic design




PuraVida.Tours is a Travel Website/App dedicated to beautiful country of Costa Rica. It provides Travelers a way to connect with not only businesses, but locals getting a business started as well as public services, beaches, and directions to get to it all!



Crypto.Press is an information portal that aggregates news about crypto currencies 24/7 from over 1000 different sources, about 200+ different crypto’s and pulls their pricing information from multiple exchnages. An automated information portal designed for a new generation of information dissemination.



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